Sunday, 11 December 2016


After last week's expedition my sister texted me to say we weren't going to swim anymore. 

Instead (she said) we were just going to go to the river, I was going to put on my ridiculous costume of all my warm layers and she would watch. The hilarity she would experience would produce enough endorphins that would mean she didn't need to enter the water. 

Funnily enough this week she had changed her mind and we set off with our wellies and usual huge rucksack full of clothes. 

We went to Carleton to the pool I'd seen the kingfisher at a few weeks ago. It was lovely. A brilliant bowl shaped pool, with deep water and high banks that kept the wind off. It was cold and clear. Because it has an island at the bottom which splits the river, it had a lovely whirlpool/eddy which meant we could swim in circles with hardly any effort. 

We didn't see the kingfisher but we didn't see any sign of life. It was very quiet and therefore very good for changing quickly afterwards and for wandering around, looking strange, in lots of clothes. 

The air temp was 8 degrees and so was the water. We are already looking forward to our Boxing Day swim. 
Every week I make her get in first, "So I can take the photo!"  


Sunday, 4 December 2016

December Swim

Pre Swim
Post Swim
It felt cold this week. We took a while to get in.