Sunday, 20 November 2016


Yes we got in the river.  We went in the Aire for the first time. It's nearer. 

Traditionally many people swim in the Wharfe but not the Aire. Probably due to it been more murky, with less pebbly beaches and higher banks. 

Oh and the pollution. But the Yorkshire Water have sorted all that now (I think) and there are many projects still improving the fish opportunities along the river. 

It was a bit of a quick five minute dip due to the speed of the current. The river had climbed again just in time for the weekend. Too much rain, hail and 
sleet with more forecast for the week ahead. 

We also went to look at a potential pool a bit further up the Aire this afternoon. It looks lovely. And the highlight was seeing a kingfisher at the side of the bank. So cute. 


  1. You've got it bad Mill. Seriously cold out this morning

    1. Rose says we've got to go till Christmas and then have a rest!!