Sunday, 27 November 2016

Sunday, 20 November 2016


Yes we got in the river.  We went in the Aire for the first time. It's nearer. 

Traditionally many people swim in the Wharfe but not the Aire. Probably due to it been more murky, with less pebbly beaches and higher banks. 

Oh and the pollution. But the Yorkshire Water have sorted all that now (I think) and there are many projects still improving the fish opportunities along the river. 

It was a bit of a quick five minute dip due to the speed of the current. The river had climbed again just in time for the weekend. Too much rain, hail and 
sleet with more forecast for the week ahead. 

We also went to look at a potential pool a bit further up the Aire this afternoon. It looks lovely. And the highlight was seeing a kingfisher at the side of the bank. So cute. 

Sunday, 13 November 2016


People think it is a funny sight to see people swimming in the river in November. 

When ever we get onlookers we get some attention. 

My sister quite likes to have someone around. It's so that they can rescue us if need be!! 

Anyway I think she is thinking of ways to attract more spectators, because she has now made TWO changing robes ( I hasten to add it was her modelling the one last week-not me). She expects us to walk around the beauty spots of the Yorkshire Dales wearing matching blue smocks on top of various other strange layers ( I wore my onesie his week) as we try to warm up, post swim. 

There could be reports of sightings of a new religious sect, that enjoys cold water swimming, chasing dogs, wearing wolly hats, with bikinis and long blue smocks. Not necessarily in that order. 

I tried to disguise mine with a poncho before we saw members of the public. 

The river was really high this week with all the snow ( yes we had snow this week) melt from the hills rushing down. We thought it might not be safe to get in. But we found a little pool at the side which had its own mini swirly current going on and we just stayed at the side. 

The  food was pot noodles, pumpkin soup and cold pizza. The  weather was mild and the company was lovely. 


Sunday, 6 November 2016


We had to swim on Sunday this week. Another whole day to think about it. 

We went to Appletreewick to a wonderful pool I've swum in quite a few times before.  A place my husband's family used to go in their camper van for picnics and swimming and rushing down rapids in a rubber dinghy. 

In those days the farmer would open the gate, you'd put some money in the honesty box and could park next to the river. 

Those days are no longer ( maybe the result of the dreaded H and S and the litigious society we live in?). 

The upshot is that it is quieter even in the summer. And on rainy November days it is almost desolate. 

We saw only two walkers on the short fifteen minute walk along the dalesway after the swim. They probably looked as strange as us in a different way. This was obviously why they ignored our peculiar over layered appearance and just gave us a cheery "Good afternoon". 

Anyway going back to the swim. It was raining so we tried to cover our belongings up under a tree ( my sister asked me about ten times why I hadn't brought the tent). Then we got in. 

It was immediately obvious November did mean hardcore. The temperature had dropped. The turtle said 8 degrees which was a drop of about three degrees since last week. We didn't stay in long despite the beauty of the wide pool, deep water, tall trees, interesting rocks and the evocative rain falling into the water. 

Then the nightmare that is trying to get out and get your clothes on.  

My sister's crazy contribution of the week was a new dryrobe that she had made.  She's very creative and clever with a sewing machine. She'd brought the correct material and everything. She said it was a present for me but actually it was just a comedy item designed to make me look as comical as possible while I tried to get changed underneath it.  

Then she took it back off me because she was cold. 

We staggered back to the car and then had our posh pot noodles before driving home and hoping the euphoria would last for the week ahead. 

She's just texted me to say that she's laughed out loud twice during her dog walk just thinking about me getting changed in the homemade dry maybe it's working.