Saturday, 29 October 2016

Moving Forward

Moving forward was rather difficult to do today, during our weekly swim, as the water was flowing very quickly.  It must have rained in the night because it was quite warm and lovely while we swam including brief bursts of sunshine.

The whole event was even more farcical than usually because my sister not only brought her three unenthusiastic children again but also brought her new six months old bouncy lurcher puppy. 

This creature just roamed around, bouncing while we were in the water. Which was fine, until another young Labrador came to join in and ran off with my asics running shoe.  We laughed hysterically in the water for a while leaving the children to try to control the dog. When this proved impossible my sister exited the water in her bikini to try and chase the dog until she got it on the lead. 

Because we were at Bolton Abbey a small crowd of onlookers had collected to gawp unashamedly at the spectacle. 

There was also another minor incident when three of us couldn't get the pop up tent ( another bargain purchase to add to the swimming equipment collection) back into the bag when we were trying to pack up. But we managed eventually with the aid of the instructions. 

Anyway it was a funny swim. The laughter was as invigorating as the water. It was twelve degrees, a bit too shallow again and far too many spectators at Bolton Abbey but I just wanted to try it and tick it off the list. My sister in law joined us, which was nice and her daughter took embarrassing photos from the bank. 


  1. Hi Milly, I've seen children swimming at Hebden suspension bridge but wouldn't it's deep enough for adults. But I'm not a swimmer! There's a deep pool at Loup Scar on the way to Burnsall that folk 'tombstone' in to in the summer, and I've seen folk swimming in the river a little further down. Good luck if you're going to try!
    Incidentally, where were those cup and ring marked rocks in your blog?
    Cheers for now...

    1. Thanks for the reply. We did go to just below Loup Scar a few weeks ago. It was lovely. One of my favourite places so far. I will keep searching for the ultimate swimming spot.

      Regarding the stones on a ilkley Moor, I will post the links to the three we saw. If you click on the grid references on the stones circles website it opens in Street Map with an arrow showing exactly where each one is, so that is reallly useful. Although sometimes still tricky to find. Especially when the bracken is high!

      Good luck if you go hunting. :)

  2. Thanks Milly, we'll have a look for those stones.