Friday, 22 July 2016

Making plans

We had a rather wam run on Wednesday this week. We ran from Ilkley but ran up the opposite side of the valley to the moor. It's always a nice change and due to some creative navigation ( yes Kev got lost) we ended doing 7.3 miles.  It was a lovely run. 

We then retired to the Wharfe at Ilkley. There are lots of wonderful swimming spots here. Just perfect on a humid summer evening. We actually swam really near the bend in the river that my husband used to swim in, with his dad and four siblings, while growing up in Ilkley. The family favoured swimming spot!

It was brilliant and I want to go back soon with my two boys. 

Then we dragged ourselves away from the silky, brown waters to drink Wharfedale Black (runs with a theme) and further discuss the plans we'd been making for a Frog Graham relay next summer. What a fab weekend that will be. 

Ania also lost her car key on the way round, from a hole in her expensive running jacket ( she was very unimpressed with the standard of the seams). But we even managed to solve that problem and didn't have to put a brick through her car window, which was looking likely at one point. 

So another great adventure filled evening, with like minded friends. I hope Ania will come again.  X

2016 Summer Runs Swimming Tally

(All different locations)

Frazer   1
Richard B  1
Russell  1 ( got in after watching for four weeks) 
Emma VDG  1- (it was all her idea)
Trevor   1
Simon 1
Andy 1 
Sammy (Lorna's friend) 1

Lorna   2
Brett      2
Steve S  2
Kevin  2 ( very quick ones!)

Paul H 3

Richard H  4

Emily   5

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