Sunday, 18 October 2015


Today I ran ten miles. I went to Pinhaw.
It was a damp day.  Claggy air, full of moisture, that Yorkshire does fabulously. But it didn't rain and was really warm. Nice to be out, as ever. 

Although, there were loads of cows. Usually by the time we are head torching I'm sure they are all away in dry places for the winter. It must be the warm/ dry end of summer/autumn that we've had that means the grass is long and the fields are still in good condition. 

I ending up playing a game that was a bit like not stepping on the pavement cracks. I'd gone through two fields of young friesians, no problem. Then I came across a field full of mums and babies ( which were looking at me) and I thought my luck wouldn't last for three fields so I ran quite a bit on the road. 

I ran all the uphill so must be getting fitter. 

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