Wednesday, 7 October 2015


I had to miss the first official winter head torch of the season tonight. 

My husband was at a late work thing so I had to do the swimming club run. 

Just the usual daily domestic complications that we are lucky enough to have. 

I rushed home from a long boring staff meeting,  threw pizza in the oven, told children to put socks and jumpers on before they left the house ( when do they learn to do that?) and quickly got changed into my running gear. 

I nearly didn't bother. I could have just sat at the pool with a machine mocha but I managed to realise it would be better to run. 

I ran round and then up Shapaw,while the boy swam. 

It was only when I got to the top that I realised it was the 7th of October. Time ticks by. 

It was just about to get dark. Pendle hill looked at me, reminding me that yes it's still there.  Some things move much more slowly than our mad temporary lives.  Some things are more significant than the trivialities of staff meetings. 

And I remembered to appreciate that I can still get out and put things in perspective. 

Running down I started moaning straight away. My head torch ( just in case) was pressing on my buff which was pressing on my glasses ( unusually worn) which were hurting my ears. Transcendence at the top of Sharpaw quickly forgotten. 

But not really.

 Keep on fell running. It makes some sense of all the craziness in the world. 

And now I'm going to the pub. 

Dig in. 


  1. Thanks James. All's well in our very small blog appreciation society!

  2. Stef mentioned the "time of the year" the other day. See you soon Milly and JP