Sunday, 18 October 2015


Today I ran ten miles. I went to Pinhaw.
It was a damp day.  Claggy air, full of moisture, that Yorkshire does fabulously. But it didn't rain and was really warm. Nice to be out, as ever. 

Although, there were loads of cows. Usually by the time we are head torching I'm sure they are all away in dry places for the winter. It must be the warm/ dry end of summer/autumn that we've had that means the grass is long and the fields are still in good condition. 

I ending up playing a game that was a bit like not stepping on the pavement cracks. I'd gone through two fields of young friesians, no problem. Then I came across a field full of mums and babies ( which were looking at me) and I thought my luck wouldn't last for three fields so I ran quite a bit on the road. 

I ran all the uphill so must be getting fitter. 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


I had to miss the first official winter head torch of the season tonight. 

My husband was at a late work thing so I had to do the swimming club run. 

Just the usual daily domestic complications that we are lucky enough to have. 

I rushed home from a long boring staff meeting,  threw pizza in the oven, told children to put socks and jumpers on before they left the house ( when do they learn to do that?) and quickly got changed into my running gear. 

I nearly didn't bother. I could have just sat at the pool with a machine mocha but I managed to realise it would be better to run. 

I ran round and then up Shapaw,while the boy swam. 

It was only when I got to the top that I realised it was the 7th of October. Time ticks by. 

It was just about to get dark. Pendle hill looked at me, reminding me that yes it's still there.  Some things move much more slowly than our mad temporary lives.  Some things are more significant than the trivialities of staff meetings. 

And I remembered to appreciate that I can still get out and put things in perspective. 

Running down I started moaning straight away. My head torch ( just in case) was pressing on my buff which was pressing on my glasses ( unusually worn) which were hurting my ears. Transcendence at the top of Sharpaw quickly forgotten. 

But not really.

 Keep on fell running. It makes some sense of all the craziness in the world. 

And now I'm going to the pub. 

Dig in. 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Friday MTB

I really like mountain biking on a Friday night. The gnarlier the route the better. Well gnarly for me, (as ever, all exercise is very relative). 

I know lots of people will think that going out on your bike, in the dark, on a Friday night, when most people are heading for the pub, is a bit sad. But I like the way it blows the strains of the week away. 

I take my husband with me ( the boys go to scouts). 

A strange way to have a date night....,...but he's really good at lifting the bikes over gates.

He prefers more road to faffing about on rocky, peaty paths, so we take it in turns to choose the route. We don't go very far. 

Last night it was great. It got dark as we set off. The mist, that has been around in the mornings all week, was replacing the glorious sun of the day and filling the valley. The temperature changed as we cycled round. Freezing, clammy towpath being replaced by toasty pockets of air on top of the moor. 

The traffic was busy as we left the roads.  The crowds battling home at the end of another busy week. The canal boats had their lights on and their wine glasses on the tables. The sheep stampeded around as our bright lights passed and owls made strange noises.

I like the challenge of the moor path. It's quite stony with lots of gullies and paths that change direction. I haven't ridden all the way to the top yet without stopping but I am improving (nearly there). It makes your brain work as well as your legs and lungs. 

I like the downhill grassy bit too. 

The towpath is fun at the moment. Firm and dry, so you can try and go fast, before a bit of road home (quieter now) for food and wine and a whole weekend to look forward to.