Sunday, 27 September 2015

Park Life

I've  been running for ten years now. 

I'm very proud that I've never,  ever done a road race. 

Well not that I remember. Things do get a bit blurry as you get older. 

Park runs don't count do they?

I've done two recently. One of my boys goes to gymnastics from nine till ten on Saturday, just up the road from a park run. After a few months of eating poached eggs in Morrison's cafe while I waited, I thought I'd better get a grip and do the park run instead. 

It's a strange new world where I keep wondering when the the mud will start and then remembering that it won't. 

I think they will get me fit. Ten years later. 
I like this photo my friend took. If you look very carefully you can see my friend Bev and me, smiling amid the serious crowd. 

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