Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Chasing the light

Again,  a lovely evening. Running under pink skies.

The chat included: the trauma of our children having teenage boyfriends/girlfriends ( that's how old we are), opening your mouth and putting your foot in it ( I was relieved by the amount of incidents related) and bad days. 

There are not many bad days that can't be rescued by a run. Especially on such a beautiful night. 

It's a couple of years since we've taken a selfie. Jo was muttering something about mothers who leave their children and go gadding around taking selfies in the sunset. 

Sunday, 27 September 2015


I'm quite enjoying autumn so far and I have had some lovely runs. Often starting in the sunshine and ending with head torches out.

The weather has been great. Long may the positivity last. 

Mountain biking sunset on a Friday night. Things to cheer you up amid tricky problems of the world.

And, today the blackberries have been mixed with the gin. Looking ahead. 


I like marshalling. Good fun, without the pain of running. We've helped out at a couple of races recently. 
Trisha,  happy to help. Smiling in the sunshine, at the Yorkshireman marathon. 

Richard, sweeping. Russ marshalling at the top of the hill. At Beefy's Nab. 

Unimpressed with the fell running world. 

Park Life

I've  been running for ten years now. 

I'm very proud that I've never,  ever done a road race. 

Well not that I remember. Things do get a bit blurry as you get older. 

Park runs don't count do they?

I've done two recently. One of my boys goes to gymnastics from nine till ten on Saturday, just up the road from a park run. After a few months of eating poached eggs in Morrison's cafe while I waited, I thought I'd better get a grip and do the park run instead. 

It's a strange new world where I keep wondering when the the mud will start and then remembering that it won't. 

I think they will get me fit. Ten years later. 
I like this photo my friend took. If you look very carefully you can see my friend Bev and me, smiling amid the serious crowd. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Back to Life.....

We've had a great summer. We camped in France and learnt how to sail. The boys had surfing lessons while I ate chips on the beach. They came home obsessed with boats and trapezing.

Then they went to scout camp and came home obsessed with knot tying. While they were pioneering we went to the lakes and cycled and bagged some hills. 

So we've been busy and active but I wasn't actually doing much running.

So now it's time to dust off the garmin and try and get some training into the routine. 

I've never been good with my garmin.  I either forget to charge it, or leave it outside on the windowsill, or wear it but forget to start it, or have the intention of starting it but forget how the buttons work. It's just not important to me in the list of necessary essentials needed to go running. I usually try for a while and then give up and leave it in the drawer.

I've had a couple of weeks starting to get running again. (I even did a park run yesterday which was weird but quite enjoyable- it's good to try new things). 

I really want to get back to some longer runs on Sunday mornings. I'm going to try and run in some different places to make it more interesting. 

So this morning (which was sunny and glorious) I set off to do a loop on Ilkley Moor.  I had got half way up the first hill before I realised I'd left my garmin in the car. I went back for it (I wanted to know how far I had run) and then cracked on. 

I ran from Silsden Nab to Windgate Nick, past the trig point and the back of the dwindling plantation to West Buck Stones and East Buck Stones, along to Keighley gate and straight on to the trig point near the Thimble Stones. Then I found a new path that ran north from the trig straight down towards Ilkley. It came out near the trees above White Wells. I then turned back towards the car, meandered towards the main Addingham moor side path and followed it back to the car. 

I felt quite sprightly. We have been eating lots of home grown beetroot from the allotment. Does it really work?

Anyway the end of the story is that the blumming garmin beeped and ran out of power somewhere near the Noonstone. I couldn't believe it. It had said it was 50% charged. I must have been very slow. 

I think I did about 9.5 miles. I can extend it next time by going further over on the top path. 

So the targets for the autumn are to get fit (as always) and to master the garmin. I'm not sure which is the  trickiest.