Sunday, 14 June 2015


When you hear people being superfluous with their thanks to marshals, it can sometimes sound a bit over the top.

That is, until you are in the middle of a tough race, feeling the pain and agony, when suddenly on the top of random hills, appear angels with smiles and jelly babies and a sportident machine that beeps and reassures you that you are in the right place. 

And then you remember again, how totally amazing those fabulous people are who give up their Saturdays and Sundays to wait around for us (me) to eventually stagger up the slope in front of them. 

I did the new "short" dazh memorial Buttermere horseshoe race yesterday. It's down as 12.9 miles and 5000 feet of climb. We got 14.4 miles on the garmin and didn't add on too much unnecessary distance. 

I ran it with my friend from running club. He is 65 and is carrying a slight injury at the moment... But still had to wait for me, and chat with those lovely marshals, on every hill. 

It was very tough. Seemed harder than any other 12 mileish race I've done in the lakes. We did take a couple of imperfect lines so I might just have to go and do it again. 

The setting is just perfect.  Loweswater being a beautiful unspoilt corner of the lakes; the hills very quiet, grassy and gorgeous; views that didn't seem real ( think I was delirious); the hall and the helpers and the runners all friendly, welcoming and yet low key and relaxed. 

It was all very lovely and I hope it keeps growing and continues to be a very special day for remembering daz and the things that he loved. 

We turned off at Buttermere and headed back over Melbreak. 
Obviously the trophy wasn't for me. Simon Booth ran the long faster than I did the short.

I forgot to wear my cap yesterday, so wore it today while collecting the flags for our local fell race. I enjoyed the peaceful walk round the route, by myself, across the moor. 

A different feeling to yesterday but still celebrating the same things.