Saturday, 6 June 2015

Ilkley Moor

Pathways Pete used to be known as Pet Shop Pete because he owned a pet shop. Now he's changed his name as his new hobby while semi retired is leading runs off road.

He has done a great job of encouraging new runners in the club to try off road routes. One of his devotees was telling me this week how lovely it was to discover many local places she never knew were there. 

He is 75 this year so doesn't do bad!

This week it was Ilkley Moor. Home of historical alien sightings and according to Wikipedia, the second highest concentration of ancient rock carvings in Europe. 

We ran seven miles, pottering around looking at different rocks and enjoying the views in the sunshine. A nice group to run with. 
The Apostle Stones Circle


  1. We're hoping to make it this week to Pathway's run from the village

  2. Good to hear you two are getting back to it :)