Sunday, 31 May 2015

Calderdale Way Relay

I don't know if I've ever said, but I don't really like relays.

Especially linear ones. 

I don't like the faffing around with cars ( it's very unenvironmental leaving cars all over the place) and I don't like the fact you don't actually see all the members of your team. It's not really sociable really. 

I don't like having to keep up with someone else ( yes I've had the odd bad experience of crawling behind a bounding partner). 

Hence I always say I'm not going to do relays and I often end up been dragged in at the last minute when people drop out and I can't say no  ( and let the club down). 

Well this year it was the Sunday night before the Saturday. 

Camille and I went over on the Monday night to try to recce the route and couldn't even manage to find the way to the start and the end to leave the cars. It seemed like a bad omen. It was a stressful week. We moaned and wondered why anyone had created civilisation amoung such confusing high hills and narrow twisting valleys. Never mind made a circular long distance walk or a relay around them. 

Anyway, to cut a long story short we actually had a really nice run. Leg four. The fell runners leg, which is  very beautiful with lots of moorland and lots of up and down. We made the effort ( I knew because of how tired I was afterwards). 

As we sat in Camille's converted centre parcs laundry van, when we had finished, drinking a cup of tea, looking over the incredible view of the Calder valley we realised (as is often the case after a run) that it all made sense. 

Looking nervous at the start, with the A team runners who were moaning even more than us. 

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