Saturday, 14 February 2015

Hoping in the Dark

I don't mind January and February. It's quite nice rushing towards the light.

I have been running.....Not enough.....It's never enough.

I even bought some road shoes (ssh). I haven't done that for a long time.

 I've been doing some Tuesday nights at the club with a fastish (autocorrect said fascist) women's group. 

They do a hilly tarmac six miles which really pushes me and must be good for me ( surely?) I don't think it will last once the light nights arrive, cause everyone will run for the hills. 

I've still been doing the hills. Still loving my Wednesday night head torch group, running around through the variety of winter weather. We did have snowballs one week. 

I did a night race on Thursday. I haven't got to any yet this winter due to the hectic ness of life. I was tired and achy after a busy week so just wanted a steady trot round. I set off a bit early with Richard Hindle (a Wednesday night friend) which was great because we could see the pretty procession of head torches coming behind. 

The route can be quite tricky if you don't know Ilkley moor very well. One of the checkpoints is the Badger stone, one of the hundreds of ancient, interesting stones on the moor. 

At the end we waited with Brett and Sue for some overdue runners pondering the responsibility of organising night races. 

Eventually two men appeared out of the gloom. The first one explained that the reason he was so slow was because he had to show his friend where the swastika stone was. 

"You mean the Badger Stone?"

After five minutes of confused conversation it was established that they had been to the Swastika Stone instead of the Badger Stone. Which does add on about 2 miles, but who's counting? What's one ancient stone to another between friends. 

That's the joy of night races. Always a funny story to tell. 

Well, maybe funny to people who like off road running, in the dark, and are fascinated by cup and ring stones. I suppose that does narrow the audience slightly. 

Enjoy your running. Will try to keep blogging!

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