Friday, 13 June 2014

Running and Racing

I've carried on racing. I did four more in May and one already in June. I feel fitter,  but getting faster is another story.

My times are not much different to when I first started running, although I have had a while of not trying to run that fast.

I don't know if racing, adrenaline rushing, is actually good for you. It is fun and quite addictive. It must be good to challenge yourself out of comfort zones?

I've also been running. The valley is great in June. It's certainly bustin' out all over. The recent weeks of warmth, sunshine and quite a bit of intermittent rain have  produced flowers, growth and greeness. I love it. The weather has been great: dramatic, unpredictable, with lots of lovely moments.

Last night was sunny, sunny, sunny.  So nice, on the way back, we visited a secret swimming spot and jumped in, in our shorts and vests.

 Running home in soaked kit,  but not being cold because the  sun is still warm.  Moments to remember when we're running past the same point in balaclavas and  two pairs of gloves.

Swimming was ace. I can't stop thinking about it.  There may be some re runs.