Thursday, 8 May 2014

Ups and Downs

Last week was a week of mixed emotions. It's funny how that's often the way.

First Liz, a stalwart member of our running club, had died, after struggling with a brain tumour.

We celebrated her life in the usual manner! By running up a hill in a thunder storm and then retiring for food, drinks and amazing fireworks.

Liz was an fantastic runner who won records, trophies and national championships but she was also incredibly down to earth and both inspiring and encouraging.

She quickly got to know new runners and shared her enthusiasm for running (as quickly as possible) whilst promoting the joys of running for the club (as often as possible).

What became apparent, as her life was remembered  on Wednesday was how many people, especially  women,  she had encouraged with her down to earth sense of humour and high expectations.

We are thinking about her family. She will be missed.

Then at the end of the week lots of runners joined in festivities to mark the start of an adventure, with the wedding of Andy and Stef, two of the merry band of Wednesday night runners.

They also celebrated with a run up a hill.  In fancy dress. As you do.

After the race,  there were lots of photos, laughs, food and beer.

Later on in the day they had a proper wedding and everyone put posh clothes on and joined in hymns in the church (well apart from my sons, who wore their trainers and sang all the wrong words).

They were lucky with the weather and everything took place in beautiful sunshine.

It was a happy, memorable day. We wish them many years of wedded bliss and running miles together.