Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Around the Beacon

Just me and Flat Stan. He kept trying to light dead grass with his Bear Grylls flint and steel. Fortunately everything was rather damp, as I tried to explain.

That was inbetween discussing the over aged play station games he is coveting for his birthday.

At least he is still coming with me, despite the initial complaints that happen every time the word walk is mentioned..


I had to run alone on Sunday mornng because Jo had injured her knee on Saturday night. She was Irish dancing at a 45th party.

 I know. A rubbish excuse.

We're getting old.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Staff Running Club

We've started a staff running club on Fridays when we've finished work. There were five of us tonight and there have been two others who have joined in on previous weeks.

Everyone seems to be enjoying getting out and running around.


We've been enjoying sunny days.

Cycling and eating pies

Walking up hills