Sunday, 25 August 2013

Summer Fun

The summer break is nearly gone but we've enjoyed it.

We had a holiday in Scotland. A week in Ardnamurchan and a week in Kincraig in the Cairngorms. Both very different areas but both fantastic in different ways. We did a bit of all the usual holiday stuff: walking, biking, canoeing, crabbing, rock pooling, swimming in the sea, running and drinking cups of tea.
Ben Hiant


Loch Morlich

Sanna Bay

Then Jo was 40. So, of course, we had a run to the pinnacle, centre of the running circles of our lives. And we had champagne at the top and the  kids ran down with us and it was sunny and lovely.

Then we had a party and danced in her new conservatory.

Last week we went to Wasdale and walked up Sca Fell Pike.
It's a long time since we last camped at Wasdale but it's still there and it was as wonderful as ever.

Hopefully it won't be as long before we're back to visit some more hills.

Walking back to the camper after a long day and a stop in the pub.

So lots of fun with the boys has meant (as is often the case in the holidays) that my running routine has been rather sporadic to say the least.

Must get off the blog and on with the running.  :)