Thursday, 29 September 2011


As a runner, you notice the weather.
The rain dripping down your nose, the snow freezing your toes.
And the sun warming your skin.

I like it when it's hot.

We did the same route that I did last week, with a little extension above Holden Lane.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wonderful Wednesdays

Last "summer" run of 2011.

Half light, half dark. Over Haworth moor.

It got dark just as we got to Bronte Waterfalls. Then we went up to Top Withens with the head torches, before retiring with some Jennings Cumberland ale. Nearly 8 miles.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kenyan Stars

Tonight, according to one of my lovely running partners,
was a typical Kenyan evening.

We were running under a clear sky, filled with stars.

It felt too warm for vest and shorts.

A great night to be out with the torches.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Cross Cycling

Today we had a lovely walk up Penyghent from Dalehead to watch the 3 Peaks, mad men and women on bikes, race.

Walking from Silverdale is the shortest way up the hill and you park quite high up, with most of the climbing done by the car.

But we still had some whining on the way up.

It was very claggy on the top for the top couple of hundred cyclists, but the sun came out half way through and revealed the views.

Mark, did a great tipply top tail on the way down.

Penyghent is the final hill in the race and most people look pretty done in by the time they get to the top. We saw some spectacular tumbles as people started to descend, but fortunately they all seemed to survive and carry on downhill towards the finish.

Fraser-still smiling.

On the walk back down, the whining came from me, as I tried to get the boys to slow down and not to bash themselves on the rocky steps.

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Dent is a quiet, inaccessible Dales village with cobbled streets, whitewashed cottages and cafes. The perfect place for the start of a fell race.

T ran. We ate bacon and egg sandwiches and drank tea (and chocolate milkshake)

and perfected our skimming techniques.

We had to sample some Dent beer before heading home.


We started Sat with Curly Bill doing a junior tri at Skipton. We had to get up early.

Friday, 23 September 2011


I've been working full time for the last six months, so it has been great to have gone back to four days and to have Fridays off again.

I was hoping to do a longer, yet easier run today. But living here does not really lend itself to easy. Not unless you want to run on the boring road.

So after picking my running gear off the bedroom floor, walking to school to drop off the boys and procrastinating whilst chatting at the school gate, I toughened up and set off to climb up the clough.

Lumb clough is a mile long, wooded glen with steep wooded sides and a tumbling, waterfall filled beck. It has soft, peaty paths which already are beginning to fill up with leaves. They climb gently until a steep part at the end. You can pop out at the top and are up on the hills, looking down at the valley. It's a great way to leave the village.

I stopped for a breather as I reached the top and spotted a deer quietly crossing the stream and disappearing into the trees.

I ran further across the hills to Icornshaw and then back via the bottom of the valley. It was about 8 miles.

Later I went to yoga and now I'm cream crackered.
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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Spirals,Cycles and Sunshine

Usually in September I am spiralling into gloom. Work is intense and there seems to be a long run of dark nights ahead, as winter looms.
But this week has been good. I must be getting some perspective of the temporary nature of the consistent cycles of life.

I've been running properly (for me) for three weeks. That is, after a summer of lazing around, swimming in the sea and drinking lots of red wine.

I've started to feel a bit fitter (for me). Running through wild nights has been refreshing. I've headtorched with mad friends who like running too. We even got shouted by a farmer last night near Addingham (I wasn't navigating), which of course adds to all the fun.

Anyway, tonight, as I left work, the sun came out. Hurrah. Previously it has been windy and rainy, consistently, for weeks. The boys were miraculously occupied for an hour and a half at youth group so
I ran up the golf course, detoured a bit to avoid the farm where a dog bit me in June (I won't show you the bruise photo) and ran back through the woods where I had my very first head torch run, about four years ago.

I saw a kestrel hovering for its tea; swallows, making the most of their last views of Keighley before heading for more romantic climes; the setting sun over the great valley and some magic mushrooms.
Below are some photos of our summer holiday in NW Scotland. A time when there was slightly more sunshine around.