Tuesday, 22 June 2010


The sun is shining and tonight I went out running with Jo and Sam. They are both running really well. This is particularly depressing with Sam who hasn't really done any running for ages.

Well, so she says. I have tripped over a well oiled turbo trainer whilst at her house on a Saturday night.

We ran to Farnhill pinnacle. It is being re-plastered because the cold winter made all the coating fall off. Hence the unsightly orange plastic. No orange peel cellulite on show, despite worries.

Pinnacle Fell Race

Here we are waiting for the runners,

and here is a picture of the race courtesy of David Brett.

Proper stuff

Buckden. A proper village gala with a few curly horned sheep and no tat. A proper fell race where you can watch lots of people falling over. Had fun spectating, and generally hurling abuse, with Caren and Debbie.